Colour Works

The Colour Works has had a big impact on the Quay HR Team and the way in which we work, so what is it and how has it benefited our business? The Colour Works is a tool that has been designed to help individuals and teams to fulfil their potential and enhance business performance. Claire Hyde, Director at Quay HR Solutions, was keen for the team to engage with The Colour Works based on her past experience that completion of an Insights Discovery Profile can help a team bond quickly and work effectively together. The Colour Works enabled members of the Quay HR Team to understand each other’s different ways of working and to communicate well with each other.

The Quay HR Team profiles highlighted a real mix of behavioural styles and to celebrate this, the team adopted their own mascots to symbolise each team member’s dominant colour and associated characteristics.

Click the image below to see the team profiles

Shelley / 'Red Fraggle'

  • Purposeful
  • Competitive
  • Determined
  • Strong-willed
  • Driver

Claire / 'Kermit'

  • Caring
  • Encouraging
  • Sharing
  • Patient
  • Amiable

The Quay HR Team are fortunate to have identified such a range of strengths in our working styles which allows us to support all our clients and their varied requirements. If a particular approach is required to an HR issue, this puts us in an excellent position to allocate our strongest team member to meet our client’s needs in every case. By valuing our differences, we have built more effective working relationships both internally as a team and externally with our clients.

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